Habitat III: Ruta de la Experiencia

Introducing the Ruta de la Experiencia:


Movie by Van Vlier Media on behalf of AkzoNobel.

The Ruta de la Experiencia is a UN selected large proposal for the Habitat III Village Call in Quito, Ecuador, to showcase the methodology of the Human Cities Coalition. More than 10 Ecuadorian and Dutch partners from the public and private sector contribute to create a route from the congress centre into La Mariscal Neighbourhood. Along the route, interventions are showing the HCC methodology. In March 2016, LIFTcities started investigating the local situation and the local demands. During the next steps partners that match the local demand with expertise or products, were approached to join in the Ruta.

The people-friendly route aims to improve the liveability in the neighbourhood responding to the locally defined needs. Effects are enhanced local networks among local residents and professionals, and on the other hand physical improvement of the neighbourhood. The strength of this compact short-term intervention is used as a catalyst for long-term improvement.

Peter Thomson,  President of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, visiting the Ruta and guided by Inge Kok-Postma;

  Peter Thomson visiting the Ruta

Children explaining the Ruta to Peter Thomson Children explaining the Ruta to Peter Thomson

Joan Clos, Executive Director UN Habitat and Secretary General UN Habitat3, visits the Ruta de la Experiencia and helps painting:

    Inge Kok-Postma explains the project to Joan Clos

About Habitat III (Quito, October 2016): The global UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development takes place once in every 20 years, gathering around 30.000 representatives from government, civil society, knowledge institutes and business all over the world. Building on the 2015 adopted Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 11 “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”, the Habitat III conference aims to result in the New Urban Agenda, that will set a new global strategy around urbanization for the next two decades.

Partners in the Ruta de la Experiencia: Akzo Nobel Deco Painting facades and streets and training volunteers; Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals vertical garden; Arcadis safer pedestrian crossings creating green sidewalks; Improving permeability of the public space Philips Lighting Lighting for safety and emphasize heritage Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Pakhuis de Zwijger Connecting city makers and citizens for effective urban upgrading, with relevant contributions of a.o. IHS (capacity building) and Stadswerk (maintenance); KLM- Royal Dutch Airlines planting trees for air filtering and attractive living environment; Alliander & KPMG improving public space quality, street furniture, benches and planting; Dutch Embassy of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia organising festive Ruta activities and logistics during the congress week.

Other parties involved that helped  make the Ruta possible: Inhabitants and local businesses of La Mariscal, Van Vlier Media, Interquimec (Ecuador), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Administración Zonal la Mariscal and Habitat III.

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Map Ruta

Giving the road a personal and local touch  Painting the road

Improving quality of public space to enhance perceived safety  Improving quality of public space for social coherence  Local ownership of public space visualized