Towards Urbanization Resilience By Interdisciplinary Efforts

Creating healthy living environments for low income urban dwellers by integrating social and technical approaches

A proposition led by Wageningen University for a research programme to transform the challenges emerging from rapid urbanisation and climate change into opportunities and develop solutions co-benefitting both, human health and the environment by: 1) Transforming slum occupied areas into inclusive, diverse, green, climate-resilient and environmentally-friendly neighbourhoods. 2) Promoting adequate cost-effective water protection, treatment and management combined with re-use of water sources of varying quality for multiple water use services, including food production in (peri-urban and urban) agriculture.

The proposal for a transdisciplinary research team, was to enhance outcomes through an action research approach, that generates knowledge on: good quality relocation of slum dwellers, flood management, increased thermal comfort and air filtering through green spaces, energy efficient indoor heat stress measures, urban agriculture, safe water storage and adequate water and wastewater treatment and re-use of (upgraded) water downstream of urban centres. Issues were tackled at their source rather than treating their symptoms. Economic, social (awareness, behaviour, acceptance), cultural and political aspects were included in the proposed approach. This research programme focused on rapidly expanding (peri)- urban areas in India including Delhi, Hyderabad and other (smaller) urban centres. LIFTcities contributed to the initial idea and writing of the proposal and was involved for specific urban expertise and multi-stakeholder approach connecting scientific research to the practical field.

Partners involved, a.o.: Wageningen UR; Alterra; LSHTM -London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; UCL – University College London; ANGRAU University – Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University (local agricultural expertise); WALAMTRI – Water and Land Management Training and Research Institute; International Water Management Institute (International, India, Hyderabad)

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