Who We Are


LIFTcities strives for making cities social, functional and safe places for all.

LIFTcities wants to break the vicious circle of poverty in slums by upgrading and including slum settlements physically, socially and economically in the unity of the city structure.

LIFTcities believes in inclusive cities. We look at cities as to bodies, consisting of interrelated parts connected by arteries. All parts are valuable in the total entity. One suffering part influences the total negatively, and individual parts in good condition make the total body come to full prosperity. All physical settlements with their individual inhabitants/full of people with individual stories, need to be included socially, economically and spatially within the unity of the city structure.

LIFTcities uses a holistic approach that complements different scale levels of operation and cross-disciplinary fields of expertise.

Our Motivation

Our world is urbanising rapidly. People are pushed and pulled towards cities. LIFTcities is motivated to go for fair, promising circumstances and access to opportunities for all urban inhabitants.

The current number of 1 billion slum dwellers is expected to increase to almost 3 billion in 2045, one third of the total world population. Cities are not capable of absorbing the enormous amounts of newcomers in a humane way. Shortage of sufficient land leads to the occupation of disadvantaged space. Many poor people end up living in slums under unstable conditions with regards to land tenure, housing, water and sanitation, economic opportunities, health and insecurity. These populations tend to be very mobile and vulnerable regarding social and economic cohesion. Such instable conditions constrain people from developing themselves and from contributing to the urban society. In this way many people are trapped in poverty.


LIFTcities staff has professional expertise in the fields of urban planning and design, economics, agriculture, urban sociology, community development, organisational development and has many years of relevant field-experience with civil society, governmental bodies and NGO’s.