Multi-Scale Level

LIFTcities is experienced in programming and developing at local street level, but is at the same time familiar with understanding the city at regional level. We know involved parties in upgrading not necessarily act from the same interests. Instead, conflicting interests will be barriers for inclusive slum upgrading.
With experience at both government and community level, we are able to understand the possibly conflicting needs from both perspectives.
LIFTcities facilitates in this challenging field of bridging parties interests, knowledge and potential to come to enlarged sustainable impact.

LIFTcities moves up and down: it will operate at different scale levels of operation at the same time. We will develop processes considering and profiting impact on interrelated scales from local place to regional city. Both governmental bodies at city level and communities at local level will play an active role.

An example Flood-risk management needs a multi-scale level approach. It touches local needs of communities and city-level needs of the government. For example, a local government is advised to implement a drainage system to prevent an area and surrounding city from flooding. The local communities needs are different. Implementation seems incompatible with the existing housing structure and that means: risk of relocation. The community aims to keep their homes and businesses above all technical interventions. How can these needed interventions contribute to the safety of the settlement without relocation of the inhabiting people and the loss of their social and economic bonds to the existing location?