Multi-Stakeholder: Partnerships

LIFTcities works with willing parties that are motivated to listen to the other parties’ interests and make efforts to search for common ground, as a precondition for effective and sustainable solutions that benefit all.

LIFTcities works with a diverse ‘palette of parties’: dwellers organisations and their federations, governmental bodies at different levels, knowledge institutes (e.g. social science and technical universities), (I)NGO’s, local and international private companies.

Dependent on the case, a team of parties is built each bringing their own required, specific expertise. This team bridges technical and social knowledge; and large scale to low scale needs. We believe that successful cross-disciplinary effects lead to scaled up results for involved stakeholders.

By practicing a consultative project approach, we cooperate closely with local people, as they are the real inside-knowledge keepers and practical users of the city. We believe in participatory design of a physical city structure implementing technocratic solutions supporting the well-being of local inhabitants.